Промышленные проекты Лаборатории BILAB. Обзор
Detecting Anomalies in Multidimensional Time Series Using Cluster Analysis

The purpose of this work is to increase the effectiveness of monitoring the composition of wastewater by developing a method for detecting anomalies in time series...

Промышленные проекты Лаборатории BILAB. Обзор
Optimization of the Business-Process in the Planning of Field Work in Farm Management System

Technological maps are the main document of planning and economic analysis in an agricultural enterprise and its divisions...

Промышленные проекты Лаборатории BILAB. Обзор
Winter wheat crop forecasting based on satellite images in dry farming conditions

This study can be attributed to the task of monitoring internal activities in the field of agricultural management...

Промышленные проекты Лаборатории BILAB. Обзор
Industrial projects of the BIOLAB Laboratory. Review

The team of the BILAB Business Analytics Laboratory is changing the face of various sectors of the Russian economy with its innovative scientific solutions...

Промышленные проекты Лаборатории BILAB. Обзор
Forecasting potential yields under uncertainty using fuzzy cognitive maps

The purpose of the study is to identify factors influencing the reduction of the potential maximum yield of winter wheat in the weather conditions of dry farming in the European part of Russia, the Volgograd region...

Minimizing bankruptcy risks and the BILAB laboratory experiment

Accurate sales forecasting is an important and inexpensive way to increase profits, which also allows you to reduce...

Соотношения затрат
Power BI or how to avoid unnecessary expenses

Despite the fact that business analytics is quite an interesting and effective process that helps various companies...

Предобработка и загрузка данных из файлов Office Open XML
Preprocessing and loading data from Office Open XML files

For ranking technical devices and oil refining equipment It is necessary to perform calculations on a large number of technical parameters...

Анализ продаж посевных культур
Analysis of sales of crops

Accurate sales forecasting is an important and inexpensive way to increase profits, allowing you to to reduce the impact of risks on the processes taking place within agro-industrial companies. Based on the results of the forecast It opens up the possibility of modeling the most favorable environment for the production and distribution of goods, allowing you to increase profits.

Получение изображений индекса NDVI с помощью QGIS
Getting NDVI images using QGIS

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) - нnormalized relative index vegetation is a simple quantitative indicator...

Управление бизнес-процессами в АПК
Business process management in the agro-industrial complex

For agricultural producers seeking to optimize their company management methods, get away from spreadsheets and implement decision-making...