Switching to

Our qualified specialists will help you transfer your OT infrastructure to Yandex.Cloud. From static websites to highly loaded web projects.


A convenient console

A convenient console and Russian-language documentation will allow you to quickly connect to the platform and easily manage your resources.

Support Service

The support service will quickly and professionally answer any questions related to setting up the Cloud.


The data will be placed in reliable geographically distributed data centers, on the basis of which Yandex sites and applications operate. The infrastructure is protected in accordance with Federal Law 152.

Flexible pricing

Cloud services have transparent and flexible tariffs for any load profile. You can only pay for used ones resources or reserve them and save even more.


IaaS - infrastructure services

Infrastructure services will provide your project with the main resources: to establish data processing and storage, secure access and traffic exchange.

Yandex Compute Cloud

The service provides scalable computing power for hosting, testing and prototyping your projects. You determine the number of cores, the amount of memory, the size and number of disks, as well as choose the operating system and the availability zone of the virtual machine.
You can manage virtual machines via the console, command line (CLI), API, or SDK.

Yandex Object Storage

A universal, scalable data storage solution. It is suitable both for high-load services that require reliable and fast access to data, and for projects with low requirements for storage infrastructure. To access data, you can use popular tools for working with object storages — the API of the service is compatible with the Amazon S3 API.

Yandex Virtual Private Cloud

The service allows you to create cloud networks that are used to transfer information between cloud resources and connect resources to the Internet.
You can manage cloud networks in the Management console, using the command line (CLI) or API.

Yandex Load Balancer

The service allows you to create and configure load balancers to ensure fault tolerance of your application and to distribute network traffic between cloud resources. Load balancers monitor the status of cloud resources by sending requests about the status of each of them, and exclude resources that have not passed verification. You set the intervals of health checks and thresholds for evaluating the results yourself.

Yandex Container Registry

A service for storing, deploying, and managing Docker images.
Hosting Docker images in Yandex.Cloud provides convenient and fast container assembly for your applications — all data is located in one infrastructure. The service supports the Docker CLI.

Yandex Instance Groups

A component of the Yandex Compute Cloud service designed for deployment and horizontal scaling of virtual machines. Allows you to create groups of similar virtual machines in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure.

Yandex Resource Manager

The service allows you to structure Yandex.Cloud resources: create directories, assign roles to cloud participants, and manage access to resources.

Yandex Identity and Access Management

The service is designed to manage access to virtual machines and other cloud resources. You can assign roles with different permissions to team members, create service accounts, and set up convenient and secure authentication.

Yandex DDoS Protection

A component of the Yandex Virtual Private Cloud service designed to protect applications hosted in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure from DDoS attacks. Yandex DDoS Protection is provided in partnership with QratorLabs.

Yandex Monitoring

A service for collecting metrics of the state of resources and services with the ability to visualize them.
With this data, you can optimize the operation of your services and select the necessary computing resources. Also, by collecting metrics on one dashboard, you can monitor the operation of applications and find the causes of malfunctions faster.

PaaS platform services

Thanks to the platform service, you can create applications based on managed databases, as well as use speech technologies and machine translation.

Yandex Managed Service for ClickHouse

The service helps to deploy and maintain database clusters in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure based on ClickHouse, an open source column database management system. ClickHouse processes from hundreds of millions to over a billion rows and tens of gigabytes of data per server per second. It is ideal for performing analytical queries on structured big data in real time.

Yandex Managed Service for PostgreSQL

The service helps to deploy and maintain database clusters based on the PostgreSQL DBMS in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure.

Yandex Data Proc

The server offers to use Apache Hadoop®* and Apache Spark™ servers in the Yandex.Region infrastructure. You choose the cluster size, the number of nodes and a set of Apache® server systems (Spark, HDFS, YARN, Olive, Base, Oozie, Sqoop, Flume, Tez, Zeppelin).

Yandex SpeechKit

Speech recognition and synthesis service. The service infrastructure is designed with high loads in mind to ensure the availability and trouble-free operation of the system even with a large number of simultaneous requests. It is on the basis of SpeechKit that Alice, the Yandex voice assistant, works.

Yandex Database

Yandex Database (YDB) this is a distributed fault-tolerant New SQL DBMS..
DB provides high availability and scalability, and, at the same time, strict consistency and support for ACID transactions. The queries use a declarative SQL-like SQL query language.

Yandex Vision

Image analysis using machine learning models. Yandex Vision is suitable, for example, for creating an electronic archive of searchable documents or for automating business processes. You can use simple REST API or rpc API to work with the service.

Yandex Managed Service for Redis™*

The service helps to deploy and maintain database clusters based on the Redis DBMS in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure. Use Redis when building ratings and for real-time content analysis systems.

Yandex Managed Service for MongoDB

The service helps to deploy and maintain database clusters based on the MongoDB DBMS in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure.

Yandex DataLens

Data visualization and analysis service. Set up analytical dashboards with charts, tables and other visualization options over various sources.

Yandex Translate

A service for integrating Yandex.Translate algorithms into applications or web projects for end users. Yandex Translate supports more than 90 languages and is able to translate individual words and entire texts.